Who We Are

3beavers racing organizes unique and challenging trail races of varying formats and distances throughout the year in some of Canada’s most historic and scenic regions. The Gatineau Park, located in Canada’s National Capital Region, is the venue for the first set of races.

À propos de nous

3beavers racing organise des courses de sentiers uniques et stimulantes de divers formats et distances tout au long de l’année dans certaines des régions les plus historiques et pittoresques du Canada. Le parc de la Gatineau, situé dans la région de la capitale nationale du Canada, sera le locale pour la première série de courses.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability

3BR is committed to taking measures to minimize the environmental impact of all of its events; including the use of biodegradable dinnerware for meals, recycling of materials, encouraging participants to keep the trails clean, and sweeping the course post-race to ensure that no garbage was left on the trails.

Notre engagement envers la durabilité environnementale

3BR s’engage à prendre des mesures pour minimiser l’impact environnemental de tous ses événements ; Y compris l’utilisation de vaisselle biodégradable pour les repas, le recyclage des matériaux, l’encouragement des participants à garder les pistes propres, et le balayage du parcours après la course pour s’assurer qu’aucune poubelle ne reste sur le sentier.








Ray Zahab

ray-bioRay Zahab, co-founder of 3beavers racing and of impossible2Possible (i2P), is known for his extreme expeditions around the planet. In 2006, Ray embarked on an adventure from the African coast of Senegal across 7,500km of the Sahara Desert to the edge of the Red Sea in Egypt. Running the entire day without a day of rest, this adventure took Ray and his teammates 111 days to complete. They did this to raise awareness of the water crisis in Africa, while also putting their own perceived limitations to the test. The journey was documented in “Running the Sahara”, a film that was directed by academy award winning director James Moll and narrated by executive producer Matt Damon. After completing the journey across the Sahara, Ray truly realized the importance of pushing beyond the mental and physical limits we place upon ourselves. It was there on the shores of the Red Sea—in the company of his teammates and family—that he decided to dedicate his life to inspiring and educating young people, and empowering them to make a positive impact in the world while truly understanding that they have the capacity to be extraordinary and fulfill their dreams. Since then, Ray has founded impossible2Possible and completed a series of Expeditions, including a world-record trek to the South Pole, world-record transection of Lake Baikal, the first off-road crossing of Death Valley, world-crossings of the Atacama, Patagonia, Gobi Deserts, journeyed all the way across South America over the Andes, and ran across the Canadian Arctic, Tunisia, the Amazon, Bolivia, India, Botswana, Utah, Northern California, and Greece, with Youth Ambassadors. Personal website: RayZahab.com

Mat Lefèvre

mat-bioMat (Mathieu) Lefèvre, co-founder of 3beavers racing, is a local trail-runner living in Ottawa, Ontario. Mat was introduced to the trails by accident (or perhaps by fate) in late 2011 when he was asked to replace an injured member on a 4-person team walking 100km for poverty in the Hong Kong Oxfam Trailwalker event. With almost no training to that point, Mat gladly accepted the challenge and slogged his way over 4,500m of mountainous terrain and across the finish line. His love for trail-running was born and he began to train and to run in many of the amazing and challenging races based in the Hong Kong area. Mat continued to improve his speed and distance and started to find success in these races, gradually moving up to a series of successive top-15 finishes. In 2013, Mat again increased the challenge factor when he competed in RacingThePlanet: Iceland, a 7-day 250km self-supported stage-race. He did this to prove to himself that there was no limit to what someone can accomplish when they set their mind to it. Since then, Mat has travelled around the world to compete in world-class trail running events—both single and multi-stage—in places such as Japan, Jordan, Ecuador, Hong Kong, the USA, and back home here in Canada. In 2015, Mat ran his first road marathon…with 9.5kg on his back! Mat now trains in the Gatineau Park with his coach, friend, and co-founder of 3beavers racing, Ray Zahab.

Sereena Trottier

sereenaSereena Trottier, the third co-founder of 3beavers racing, is a local endurance athlete living in Chelsea Quebec, the foothills of Gatineau Park. Sereena came to endurance sports early in her adult life starting with a 10K road race. From there her passion for distance sports grew, taking her into the world of triathlon where she quickly went from her first Try-a-Tri to racing multiple Ironman and 70.3 events. In addition to triathlon, Sereena also competed in many road-running races from 5K to Marathon distance. In winter, Sereena is an avid cross-country skier and has participated in the Canadian Ski Marathon (a 160km, 2-day ski event) for the past 10yrs having achieved the Coureur des Bois Bronze, Silver and Gold. After many years of racing on the roads, Sereena discovered trail running, which set her on a new path toward ultra-running. Having completed several ultra-marathons in Canada and the US; Sereena has, together with Ray and Mat, turned her passion toward organizing and providing world-class trail race events.