Midnight Moose Ultra





PLEASE NOTE: There will be no cups. You must bring your own. Our amazing volunteers will help you fill your cup, bottle or reservoir.

The Midnight Moose Ultra is a night-time ultra-trail race with distances of approximately 25km, 50km and 100km across some of the toughest running and mountain-biking trails in the Gatineau Park. Using only headlamps and the light of the moon, participants are challenged to complete the race before sun-rise (for the 50km race) and sun-set (for the 100km race). Great food and drink, will be waiting for all of our hungry finishers no matter when they arrive!

All four MMU races start at Camp Fortune at 10:00pm. We can’t tell you what happens after that – you’ll have to enter in order to experience the Midnight Moose for yourself! We will say that none of the distances are for the faint of heart – each is designed to challenge, in its own way, even the toughest of trail runners. Add in the night factor and the Midnight Moose is one tough trail race that will leave participants both exhausted and exhilarated when they cross the finish line back at Camp Fortune many hours later!

The Midnight Moose Ultra is about having some fun and experiencing the Gatineau Park at night. But fun also means being safe. As such, we expect all of our participants who register for the 100km race to have the training and confidence necessary to complete a race of this magnitude. A race doctor will be on course to monitor participants’ progress for all races, and there will be a time limit of 24 hours for the 100km race. Checkpoints for all races will be placed at about 8-12 km intervals, and will provide water and first aid. Participants are responsible for their own in-race nutrition.


Cut-Off Times

For participants’ safety, cut-offs will be imposed for the 100K event. The following cut-off times will be in effect and monitored at key Checkpoints along the course.

100K Cutoff – 24hrs (see chart below)

100K Race
Checkpoint Location Leg Distance Total Distance Cut-off
Time of Day
Race Time
Camp Fortune 12K 50K 8:00 AM 10h00
6 Watson’s
 8K 58K  10:14 AM 12h14
7 King
11.5K 69.5K  1:27 PM 15h27
8 Champlain Lookout 9K  78.5K 3:58 PM 17h58
9 Blanchette /
Wolf Trail
 9.5K 88K 6:38 PM  18h38
FINISH Camp Fortune 12K  100K 10:00 PM 24h00

Itinerary and registration fees /
Itinéraire et frais d’inscription

Register early and save!
Inscrivez-vous tôt et économisez!

Dates 25 KM 50 KM 100 KM
TBD $45 $85 $165
TBD * $50 $90 $175
TBD $55 $95 $185
On Site (limited spots available) $60 (10 spots) $100 (10 spots) $195 (5 spots)
ON SITE REGISTRATION: Cash (exact change only) or credit!


Prices including tax:
25K – $69.98

50K – $114.98
100K – $224.20

* Swag cutoff date – register no later than August ??, 2020 to guarantee you receive your swag!
* Date limite pour le swag inscrivez-vous au plus tard le ?? août 2019 pour vous garantir de recevoir votre swag incluent avec la course!

All prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Taxes not included.
Tous les prix d’inscription sont en dollars canadiens (CAD). Taxes non incluses.

Transfers to a shorter race at this year’s event are possible.
Les transferts vers une course plus courte lors de l’événement de cette année sont possibles.

Transfers to a longer race at this year’s event are possible – but will incur a $5 administration fee + current difference in price + taxes.
Les transferts vers une course plus longue lors de la manifestation de cette année sont possibles – mais entraîneront des frais d’administration de 5 $ + la différence de prix actuelle + les taxes.

No Deferrals or Refunds.
Aucun report ou remboursement.

course maps /
cartes de parcours

Check-in area and
start/finish line

The registration and start/finish area will be located at Camp Fortune!

Zone d’inscription et de
départ et d’arrivée

La zone d’inscription et de départ et d’arrivée sera située au Camp Fortune!

results / résultats

Division: 100K
Place Name Gender Bib Laps Total Time Lap 1 Lap 2
1 John Pelham M 122 2  16:58:30  07:54:22  09:04:08
2 Matthew Woods M 112 2  17:47:10  08:05:52  09:41:17
3 Pat Barbeau M 104 2  18:06:03  09:09:08  08:56:54
4 Colin Beckworth M 121 2  19:43:09  08:56:19  10:46:50
5 Thomas Eisner M 111 2  19:53:22  08:31:46  11:21:35
6 Jordan Bray-Stone M 120 2  20:05:25  09:20:44  10:44:41
7 Rick Hunt M 105 2  21:40:43  10:08:31  11:32:12
8 Holly Foley F 106 2  21:40:43  10:08:31  11:32:12
9 ERIC DE BEAUJON M 107 2  22:13:05  09:02:26  13:10:39
DNF Alexander Katsaras M 114 1  07:43:29  07:43:29
DNF Andree-Ann Bechard F 113 1  07:51:37  07:51:37
DNF Bruno Boucher M 125 1  08:48:09  08:48:09
DNF Gabriel Camarena M 116 1  08:51:11  08:51:11
DNF Derek Aubin M 108 1  09:35:03  09:35:03
DNF Martine Shareck F 102 1  09:37:33  09:37:33
DNF Humberto Mendez M 101 1  09:37:33  09:37:33
DNF Martin Contant M 117 1  09:42:58  09:42:58
DNF Marc Fortier M 103 1  09:47:18  09:47:18
DNF Basia Vanderveen F 115 1  10:12:34  10:12:34
DNF Kristi Raz F 124 1  10:22:04  10:22:04
DNF Dave Alie M 123 1  08:34:56  08:34:56
DNF Elaine Saunders F 119 0.5  03:49:27  03:49:27

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